Step by Step of Introducing New Fish

Red Cap Oranda
November 2011
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Step by Step of Introducing New Fis

Getting Your New Fish into Their New Home Safely:

1.    Float the plastic bag containing the new fish in the aquarium unopened between 10-20 minutes.

2.   When introducing aggressive fish, you might want to use this time to re-arrange the decorations in your tank a little to break up territories of fish you already have which helps reduce the stress of the newcomer of being harassed by existing fish.

3.    Open the bag and scoop an equal amount of water from the tank into the bag and leave sitting for another 10-20 minutes. In case of introducing a sensitive species, you probably want to do a third amount of the water in the bag twice in the duration of 10-20 minutes.

4.    Once very well acclimatized, your fish are now ready to be introduced into their new home. If introducing a much smaller fish into a crowd of larger fish, feeding your existing fish to one side while the new fish are introduced to the other side will help to get the newcomer settle in.

5.    Now sit back and carefully watch how your fish are treating the newcomer.

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