Vissh in Sydney, writes:

I have both freshwater and marine I come longway to these guys. Wonderful and very honest No cheating. Finally got good people. No hesitation in recomending anyone. Vissh

Barbara in Potts Point, writes:

I have a new addiction, so I have been to a few Sydney aquarium shops in the recent past. I was beginning to think that the fish world was populated by weirdos with bad housekeeping skills. But today I changed my mind. I went to Aquaristic near Green Square Station and found a place of clean beauty with normal, charming and well groomed people. (Lots of staff - what a treat to be so well taken care of!) As Anthony Rae said so eloquently above, this is a space where the art and the science of the hobby can be explored. I will be back. Brace yourselves.

Roland in Sydney, writes:

Hi I have been going here for about 1 month now and service and advice i have received has been second to none. I have been going somewhere else for 5 years and these guys did more in 5min there knowledge is perfect. I highly recommend paying a visit you won't be disappointed with the outcome.

Paul O'Shannassy in Bondi, writes:

I've been a customer for 3+ years, having run both freshwater and marine tanks. Fantastic shop. The friendly staff always go out of their way to provide good honest advice. I'm very happy with the products and livestock. Happy to recommend this shop to anyone looking for an excellent aquarium.

Phuong Tran in Darkes Forest, writes:

I've just received my order today.very fast shipping and good service.Thanks alot. You can rely on me as a return customer.

Adrian in Central Coast, writes:

The ease, speed and communication from placing the order to recieving was perfect! i wish every transaction could go that well. Perfect service. thanks!

Norma in geelong, writes:

recently bought a fluval 406 aquarium filter, how good is this? great service and a great price would not shop any where else

Karen in Newcastle, writes:

Ordered a Eheim filter & Media Set (had previously been told by several other suppliers that there were none in the country). Aquaristic had filter in stock and media kit specially made up for me so it could be dispatched next day with filter. Fantastic service and very friendly staff.

Brian Brennan in Prospect, writes:

Well I am amazed.I placed my order at 3.00pm on a Wednesday afternoon, two hours later I receive an email to advise my order has been shipped and at midday the next day there is the Australia Post gentleman at my front door with my order.Everything in the order was as I wished. I don't think anyone can do any better than that for service. I definitely will be back again.

Ashley in Shepparton, Victoria, writes:

Excellent service as I paid for my items and had them, three working days later, Very Happy with that with Aust post, Also they have every thing you need at honest pricing, don't think I need to look around on the net any more as Aquaristic are my number one shop now.

Barito Boys in Sydney, writes:

I have been keeping tropical fish for 3.5 decade and have been travelling to find the best fish shop that can match my skills and experience in keeping my hobby. I found that my friends in aquaristic know what they are doing and can plan, negotiate and at the end determine the best solution for what I need. I am satisfied and very happy with this store.

Stephen Ly in Canley Vale, writes:

Out of all the aquariums around Australia, I highly recommend Aquaristic. They have very knowledgeable staff in all aspects. The live stock is of high quality and very reasonably priced. I thank the staff at Aquaristic for looking after me throughout the years and providing everyone with the highest quality stocks around :) It is definitely worth the 35km travel (one way)!

Sarah in Sydney, writes:

Aquaristic, you guys rock! Your patient advice and support in getting my guppy tank set up has been great. Your range is awesome and your complimentary water testing sets my mind at ease each time I visit. To anyone considering a visit, think no more. These guys know their stuff and will help you all the way through (even if you ignore their advice and they have to help you fix your stuff ups!). Keep it up!

Owen Torr in Redfern, writes:

This is the best shop I have ever been to, apart from fantastic displays and stock, the honest and friendly "can do" attitude just makes me want to come back again and again. I don't think I'll ever want or need to go to another aquarium shop again. Keep up the great work guys!

Naver Wong in Ashfield, writes:

I like the fish and staff @ Aquaristic. So knowledgeable and friendly and healthy too (fish of course) The prices are reasonable and they seem to really pass on the discount. Though i have to travel a bit to get there and ends up my savings goes to transport money. I will continue to do so for the main reason that they give honest, reliable advice.. you cannot go wrong....

Victoria & Christian in SYDNEY, writes:

I LOVE AQUARISTIC! They are my favourite store. Everyone is super friendly but above everyone Billy always helps me out the most. They are experienced and always give honest advise. It's a must visit Fish Store for Marine Fish Lovers. :) P.S Check out their Awesome SPS Tank !

Mario Alfonso in Sydney, writes:

I have been in this hobby now for 20 years one of the hardest things to find is a lfs that actually knows every square inch of the hobby not just trying to make a sale. My office is close by with 3 tanks and i trust no where else except these guys. They are always happy to greet you know you by name and everything is just quality and their experience really tells. For those new in this great hobby its important to have a store that keeps such a broad range of fish and product but importantly knows their stuff and are happy to talk to customers here you feel more like a client than a customer my favorite spot to visit each week

Anthony Rae in Surry Hills, writes:

I have been keeping aquariums for nearly 50 years and have developed close friendships with many people in all areas of the hobby . I became friends with Billy and Victor when their dream was in the early planing stages.We met up regularly to discuss all the requirements for setting up a venue where the art and science of the hobby could be explored and shared with fellow hobbyists while always reaching for new ideas,animals,techniques and an expression of excellence, quality, value and integrity being the heart of the project. When you visit their gallery,you will not feel pressured to buy anything and will see their regular clients truly trust the guys in every way. First Australian shop to concentrate the energy on expertise,science,art and love.

Joanna Kurniawan in Surry Hills, writes:

I am starting to fall in love with this aqua hobby and i think credit goes to Aquaristic for this. They are very knowledgeable, cater to all budgets and most importantly are very responsible in their sale of product and live stock. I am extremely impressed by the effort taken by Billy to sell my husband his prized mandarin fish although it was in the not for sale tank and very difficult to catch. Keep up the good work guys. Joanna

Peter Loa in Sydney, writes:

I am very excited to have found this shop after scouting around for a "local fish shop" i could frequent for supplies and advice. Their inventory, pricing and most importantly knowledgeable team have surpassed my expectations. Being genuine hobbyists themselves, their relation to my learning curve as a new hobbyist is very comforting and their advice have always been genuine and accurate. The shop is clean and well displayed, showcasing everything giving us opportunity to "inspect" first hand the products they sell and can bring in. I often have to remind myself to go home sometimes. I look forward to their growth with me as a hobbyist alongside them and my second tank (planted tank) project with their guidance. Kudos

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