Chris Hibbard in Potts Point, writes:

Without any hesitation I'm happy to say Aquaristic is my favourite aquarium shop in Sydney. I started as a one tank customer and the personalised service has been there from the start - no matter how busy the shop gets you always get great attention and a genuine interest in what’s happening in your setup. These guys really know what a hobby means to their customers and are always keen to work through any issue or suggest an improvement.

The shop is immaculate and even my friends who aren't as crazy on fish as I am love to go and see what’s new. The selection of quality fishes is great and I’m particularly impressed with the number of aqua cultured marine fishes and inverts in stock. This really shows a foresight on the sustainability of our hobby.

Praphan Chongwattanapirom in Newtown, writes:

I LOVE Aquaristic! xoxoxo

Jag in Sydney, writes:

Thanks to Aquaristic for helping me out with my planted tanks and for the honest advice. I can say that Aquaristic is best of the best modern aquarium shop in sydney where I can find quality fish, aquascapes, and shrimp products. On top of that staff is very knowledgable, honest and helpful. Must visit shop.

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